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New Air Conditioning Units

Stay Cool With A New Air Conditioning Unit

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New Air Conditioning Units

When you should replace vs. repair

When it comes to your air conditioning unit there are times where repairs can be made, but there are others where it’s time for a complete replacement. There are many different factors that go into deciding on a new air conditioning unit. There are many different options available that come at many different prices to fit any budget. It is always important to research your options to give your home the best air conditioning unit to keep your family cool.

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Cost of a New Air Conditioning Unit

The average cost of replacing an air conditioning unit is around $5,000. Depending on the size of your home, the size of the unit, the brand, and the type can increase the price of a new unit. It has been reported some customers have paid up to $12,000 but it is all dependent on your own circumstances and there are many different options to fit different budgets.

The Best Time for a New Air Conditioning Unit

In general, you can expect a well-maintained air conditioning unit to last around 15 years. While it is great that these units can last up to 15 years it is suggested that you replace your air conditioning unit every 10 years. At times simple repairs can be made to save your unit bt depending on the type and cost of repair and how old your unit is, it may just make more sense to totally replace it.

Outside Vs Inside

Many times homeowners often think about just the inside or just the outside air conditioning units and not both simultaneously. More often than not, when it is time to replace your outside unit it is also time to replace the inside unit as well for optimal use. Always be sure to check the warranties on your air conditioning units because when it comes time to replace one or the other the manufacturer may have rebates available for replacements.

New Air Conditioning Units

The Importance of A Professional Technician

There are many reasons to hire a professional technician when it comes time to replace your air conditioning unit. These professionals can help properly dispose of your old air conditioning unit as well as correctly installing your new one. Installing a new air conditioning unit is a lot more than just plugging in a box! A professionally trained technician can help decide the proper size unit you need for your home and ensure all the electrical work that needs to be done is done correctly and as safely as possible. Even if you have all the knowledge it is always best to always hire a professional because there is always an elevated level at risk that they are trained for.

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